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Noor Bin Ladin Calls… Richard Poe

Richard Poe, the OG Regime fighter who first exposed George Soros [in his NYT bestselling book 'The Shadow Party', co-written with David Horowitz] - joins me on this call.

We discussed his 30 year journey uncovering the globalist power structure, including his latest deep dive into George Soros' British allies.

Don't miss the most illicit of these calls yet.

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Noor Bin Ladin Calls… Amanda Milius

Amanda Milius, film director extraordinaire of The Plot Against the President - the number one documentary film of 2020 - joins me on this call. 

We talk about the national security state, a topic that Amanda brought to forefront with her movie, and which she saw up close during her time as a former Trump admin appointee at the State Department.

It was impossible to keep this convo under 30min, we had so much to talk about - and a lot of fun!

Make sure you follow Amanda on Twitter and watch The Plot Against the President.

Noor Bin Ladin Calls… Joe Kent

Joe Kent, an America First congressional candidate for Washington State's third district, joins me on today's call.

We discussed his motivations to run and his vocal support for President Trump, both from his perspective as a retired Green Beret and a Gold Star spouse. Mr. Kent also shared his insightful views on the increasing 'woke' infiltration of the military.

A great conversation with a great Patriot, with whom I hope to speak again soon as his race progresses.

Follow Joe Kent on Twitter and his campaign at

Noor Bin Ladin Calls… Alex Sheppard

Alex Sheppard, digital soldier and activist predominantly reporting on the election fraud, joins me on this call.

Speaking with Alex on the phone, even though it was the first time, felt like chatting with an old friend - we discussed the Cabal's steal of the presidential election, the highly anticipated Arizona audits, and why future elections don't matter unless 2020 is fixed.

If you don't want to miss the latest developments on these key issues, follow Alex for up-to-the-minute updates via his Twitter and Telegram channel.

Noor Bin Ladin Calls… Darren J. Beattie

Darren J. Beattie, founder of Revolver, valiant Regime fighter and most likely the intel agencies' worst nightmare - joins me on this first call.

A great honor, as I'm #TeamRevolver all the way.

We talk about the so-called January 6 'insurrection', its infiltrators, and how this affects all Americans. 

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