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Noor Bin Ladin Calls Richard Poe #2

January 29, 2022

Richard Poe, aka the OG Regime Fighter, is back on the podcast to discuss his latest article, ‘How the British Caused the American Civil War’.

In this call, we take a deep dive into the true origins of the deadliest conflict in US history. Unbeknownst to most, it was instigated by the British, who sought to split the United States into four or five mini-states, to be recolonized and divvied up among European powers.

"When two dogs fight, a third dog gets the bone," Richard warns. His fascinating account is painstakingly researched and backed by contemporary sources. In light of the current ‘national divorce’ narrative, it is instructive to see how outside forces — a proverbial "third dog" — once managed to divide the US from within. So, who is the "third dog" today?

Find all of Richard’s articles on Lew Rockwell’s website, as well as the latest feature we did together for Man's World — Raw Egg Nationalist's magazine — here.